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Ashlea Jones

After 15 years of competitive figure skating Ashlea has spent the last seven years developing this passion.

“Skating is so critical in today’s game'” Ashlea says. “Hockey now moves at a faster pace than ever. With the increased speed of the game players need more power and more agility. There are more technical elements. It’s the use of edges. It’s how we control our body on the ice.”

Her philosophy?

“To be able to help them, I have to figure each player out,” Ashlea says. “It’s the best feeling to be part of someone’s dream. When you see how hard they work. To help them get better. It’s why I come to the rink everyday.”

Josh Tataryn

“It’s a privilege to work with players of all ages, from tyke to junior and share my passion for hockey. After seven years of playing junior and pro in Europe, I’m still amazed at how the game is constantly evolving. Combining these years of experience and understanding the never-ending evolution has allowed me to develop a program that has helped players reach new levels.”

“The real secret of my teaching and developing players is building confidence. Once we develop the confidence, we can use this confidence to help players perform many of the new and challenging skills seen in the game today. The best part is seeing them achieve their goals.”

Josh Tataryn Hockey Skills Instructor

Reagan O'Grady

A true player coach, Reagan brings his experience playing in the OHL (2014-19) as well as elite scouting skills (OHL) and coaching roles (OJHL) to the AIT team.
Always known for playing with heart and supporting the community, Reagan’s fun-loving spirit endears him to players of all ages.

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