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Ashlea Jones Power Skating and Hockey Training

Elite Hockey Team/Group Training

Hockey Team Training

Intensive program with focus on a consistent developmental plan. One hour of ice a week with one hour of off ice conditioning following the session.

Increased exposure to the hockey team will allow better player development as our staff will see each player more and be able to make technical changes to ensure forward progression.

All components of the other packages will be covered as well as:

• Position of Weight on the blade
• Weight transfer
• Edging and Control
• Resistance training
• Over speed training
• Active Feet
• Tight transitions
• Keeping feet in motion

Each Program must have 16 skaters/hr as well as 2hrs of ice consecutive. 16 players/session max (lower ratio, higher correction and development)

$60/Skater if ice has to be booked.
$SO/Skater if ice is provided.

Multiple session purchases for the Progressive Clinics and Elite Team/Group Training will receive a lesser rate depending on number of sessions purchased.


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